Wednesday, July 02, 2003

Note to Readers: This is the final post of the 2003 Israel trip

07.01.03...Behind the Movie

Michal Kahan is one of the James Dean-esque people who actually make cigarette smoking look cool. She's a long, lanky blonde Israeli, who sings garage rock in Spanish in an all-girl band. Wow. She invited me last night to hear her play guitar for an Israeli rockabilly singer, and when she showed up in a strapless hot pink tiger-striped dress and $4 sandals she found at the market, I thought, "This is definitely the coolest woman in Israel."

Michal is only tangentially related to the movie and probably won't end up in it, but she's just one example of some of the interesting and cool people I've met here and haven't necessarily filmed, but who all form part of the background of the movie and of my experience here. I better whip out the still photo camera before I leave!

By the way, on an administrative note,some of the early entires from this "blog" have been disappearing! i think i am missing the first week or so, so if the progression isn't making sense to you, that's probably why. I contacted the company, so hopefully it'll be all good soon.

There's so much more to write now but I am off for now--this last week here is a busy one!