Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I'm not a playa, I just Yelp a lot.

Keeping up with all this social networking hoo-ha can feel like a full time job, and I haven't even gone virtual. Hell no. You won't find me in Second Life, because I'm too busy with my digital life!

I've got a website, this blog, and three active email accounts. In trying to streamline, I've phased out Friendster and myspace in favor of a Facebook/Twitter combo, and I keep photos on Flickr. I occasionally use my LinkedIn and Shooting People accounts for professional stuff. But there's yet another that I just can't resist...

Because I enjoy the following:
  • Eating
  • Writing
  • Sharing my unsolicited opinion
  • Giving props where props are due
  • Pretending to be a food critic
  • Receiving compliments from strangers
...I also enjoy YELP!

(Holla at me if you're a Yelper, too!)

Nonetheless, I still prioritize my REAL life. The one in the touchable, tasteable, sensual, REAL world. After all, without that, what would I blog about?