Thursday, May 14, 2009

Lists Make Me Feel Better

It's hard for me to write this post because it's hard for me to admit that things aren't awesome. But they're kind of not. I've been dealing with a family health emergency, and that paired with this economic situation has really been getting me down. Plus the damned rain just won't seem to let up. Mother Nature, what part of APRIL showers don't you understand?

Most of you know that my last gig running MTV's election coverage was a dream job. And after that, Seth and I took a 5-year-overdue vacation to China. So how does one follow that up? I thought I might find another worthy project at MTV (like, NOT The Hills) but Viacom had to go and lay off 850 people while I was downing steamed buns in Xi'an, so that cut my options some.

I've been trying to be uncompromising and keep my values in tact, even in this lame duck economy. I've been trying to stay positive and take this opportunity to work on some of my own pitches and projects and not respond to job offers for things that I think will suck just because they're there. I've had a zillion meetings with people who think I'm great and will totally call me...once the economy improves.

And I'm getting really freaking sick of it! A couple of my closest friends have mentioned that I am a very purpose-driven gal and that I'm a little bit purposeless now, which makes me less me. One suggested that this is a good time to have a baby, but even though we'll have kids at some point, I don't want to go there just because I have nothing better to do! Jeez!

So I decided to do what purpose-driven people do, and make a list of everything I accomplished today. Just to make myself feel like I was not doing nothing and wasting the perfectly good "free time" that I have right now. And it made me feel better! I realized that I am actually doing a lot! And that maybe I'll look back on this time and think about how lucky I was to have all this, well, time! So I thought I'd share it with you, so you can know what I'm up to and that I'm still me.
  • Had a phone meeting with my girl from Reboot about putting their video content online
  • Got coffee and set up shop at my "office," the Greenpoint Coffeehouse
  • Updated my website with some recent speaking engagements
  • Sent 40 emails (Some work, some play)
  • Bought my niece's graduation present
  • Worked on plans for my BFFs bridal shower
  • Planned another friend's graduation drinks shebang
  • Followed up on a freelance job that I really, really want
  • Found out that I get the ION channel and set the DVR to record Barack Obama: People's President (a documentary featuring yours truly! And Desmond Tutu!)
  • Typed up and sent notes about a secret project, from a recent meeting with a collaborator
  • Filled out my registration materials for the upcoming ROI Summit in Israel (Just found out I was accepted yesterday! So excited!)
  • Spoke with my mom on the phone
  • Spoke with my brother on the phone
  • Spoke with my man on the phone
  • Made and ate dinner (Spaghetti & meatballs with roasted garlic)
  • Rooted for the Nice Jewish Boy Stephen on Survivor: Tocantins
  • Wrote this blog entry
OK, phew. Do you feel better? I do. Good night.