Sunday, February 19, 2006

Top Screening Spots

I have been working on this here fine piece of internet reading material for as long as I have been working on Jericho's Echo. Mostly, I have been doing this to document the making distribution of the film, and to keep my fans posted on these endeavors (Hi, Mom and Dad!). Another main reason, however, is to let other D.I.Y. filmmakers know that they are not alone--and hopefully have them learn from some of my mistakes and successes. It's the guide book that I didn't have.

On that note, now that I am home between tours, I thought I would mention a few of the screening spaces that have been top notch in my experience. You can scroll through the blog to see the original entires from each of my screenings. If you are booking a tour of the US for your movie, *definitely* check these spots out:

Coolidge Corner Theatre Brookline, MA
Just bordering Boston, this refurbished theatre has two big, beautiful screens and a small video screening room. It's in a great neighborhood, nice people work there, and they sell delicious ice cream in the lobby. Plus, my husband and I had our first date there. Awww.

Cornell Cinema at the Willard Straight Theatre Ithaca, NY
Ithaca is beautiful, the lineup of films at this theatre is amazing, and the staff is absolutely curteous, professional, and a pleasure ot work with.

Grand Illusion Cinema
Seattle, WA
The screening room here is tiny, but lovely and intimate. It has an adjoining coffee shop and is run by friendly, film-loving volunteers.

The Capitol Theater Olympia, WA
Also run by friendly volunteers, this place is home to the Olympia Film Soceity. It is a wonderful mix of grand-classical and modern-funky. They also host bands and other cool events.

Castro Theater
San Francisco, CA
The magnificent and palatial Castro is not the same since losing its internationally recognized programmer a couple years back, but it is still one of those places where you begin to understand the phrase, "The Magic of Cinema." Complete with pre-screening organ player.

Victoria Theatre San Francisco, CA
This place holds a special place in my heart, since we had our world premiere here. It is a bit shabbier and mustier than the Castro, but it still recalls the days when movie palaces ruled. It is now a rentable space, and therefore They do not have a regular program of films. The owners are super nice, and very open to different types of screenings.

Cinematheque Tel Aviv, Israel
Unlike the other cinemas on this list, the Cinematheque is modern, plush and chic.

Will one of the German cinemas take its place on the Jericho's Echo European Tour in April? We shall see...

Thursday, February 02, 2006

One Way Letter Video Shoot

One Way Letter Video Shoot
Originally uploaded by lizfilm.
You have probably been keeping yourself up at night wondering what has been keeping me busy while I'm not on the road with Jericho's Echo. Well, worry yourself no longer. As I get prepared for what will probably be the final JE GERMANY, no less...I have been doing a few interesting freelance projects.

The best one is pictured here...the music video shoot for the Negative Progression band, One Way Letter. When they stopped through on their tour all the way from Georgia, we went to the creepy old industrial port area south of San Francisco and got some amazing shots of the band playing live against the gritty backdrop. It was perfect for their gritty song "The Damage."