Tuesday, April 05, 2005

04.05.05 DocAviv: Damn Amsters!

I was laugh-out-loud happy to arrive in Amsterdam today en route to Tel Aviv. I am now in the airport waiting for the next leg, but let me just say that there is just about nowhere that I'd rather have a 9-hour layover than this beautiful city. And it's not just that they serve hot french fries in paper cones, covered with homemade mayo, in the airport!

Being here, even just for a half-day, brings back so many wonderful memories of my 2001 European travels and definitely bites me with the travel bug again. This is a good thing, since I hope to be travelling a lot with Jericho's Echo in the next year.

The city of Amsterdam itself is just amazing. All I need to say to prove this is that in most cities kids get arrested for skateboarding on public property. Amsterdam, on the other hand, has a GIGANTIC HALF PIPE right smack in the middle of the Museum Square area--one of the most heavily touristed parts of town. I am totally down. But my excitement didn't really come from the city itself--it's that exhilaration you get when you step out onto the sidewalk of a new place and the world seems full of possibility.

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