Sunday, September 11, 2005

09.11.05 Train Tour: Hittin the Tracks

I finally got a digital camera! Woo! Here I am using it for the first time:

I mention this because I am about to hit the rails with Jericho's Echo which means a new slate of blog entries, and now it will be much easier to pepper them with photographs for your viewing pleasure!

So yes, I leave on Wednesday for an overnight train trip up to Eugene, Oregon where the first show of the "Jericho's Echo Pacific Northwest Train Tour" will happen. I've never been to Eugene (and never quite imagined I would end up there) and I don't know anyone in town other than the lovely lads who have set up the screening, so it should be an adventure. After that I am headed to Olympia, Seattle and Portland....and I hope you'll join me. ALL ABOARD!


Anonymous said...

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JP said...

I like the "train tour" self-portrait photo...I have many of myself in this style. Just cruising around the net and found myself here (my GF is on the phone long-distance to Germany, so our trip out to the gym is delayed indefinately...hello internet!).

We put down the deposit on a new place together last night, so when you come to visit at the end of Oct., it will be the last few days in my current place...we move Nov. 1st!!!

I directed a short film over Aug. 8th and 9th, and am working hard on the 2nd rough cut as we speak...hopefully, I'll have the picture locked when you arrive so you can mercilessly dispense with the comments. It's the Toronto International Film Festival here this week...went to the big David Cronenberg Fete a few nights back, have to miss my former professor's feature screening and party tonight to go see the band Bloc Party at a huge all-ages concert on the waterfront...will probably end up at a few more parties before fest's end, though. RBL is doing the festival hardcore this year, as I'm sure you already know.

Looking forward to seeing you...keep on' keepin' on!