Thursday, September 15, 2005

09.15.05 Train Tour: All Aboard!

It’s all so romantic! Seth reminded me last night, as he dropped me off for my first overnight train trip, that I should appreciate the experience because it may be the last time I am able to take such a ride. After all, passenger trains are a dying breed in this country. That made it all the more exciting when the silver train approached, glinting and howling at the moon. I pictured myself waving a scarf out the window at Seth, with a song like “Moon River” playing in the background, a lone tear tricking down my face.

The romance continues out the window. Last night, all I could see was moonlight rippling on a fleeting body of water. Today, we’ve passed rolling hills, pine-covered mountains, cow pastures dotted with rusting silos, white cranes resting on swampy pools of bright green algae, and tiny, one-stoplight towns like Klamath Falls.

I have been on board for about 12 hours now, and in a couple more I’ll arrive in Eugene, Oregon, at the first stop of this tour.

P.S. They actually do say, “All aboard!”
P.S.S. As I embark on this trip, one of my bestest friends, Dustin, is going on a trip of his own. He is off to Japan to promote his line of super cool hand-printed bicycle messenger gear, Cadence Clothing. Good luck, buddy!

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