Wednesday, September 21, 2005

09.21.05 Train Tour: Portland and Pics

If you are reeeeeeallly interested in all of this nonsense, you can check out all of the pics from the tour through the fabulous Flickr service here.

Portland was OK--a great crowd made up for some lousy technical difficulties that were had. I think my grammar is improper there but hey, it's the middle of the night. Give a girl a break! The best part about Portland was that my brother and his family showed up from Salem and brought a picnic and a whole lotta love. It was rad tailgating my own screening with tupperwares full of veggie sushi!

One thing that this little Pacific Northwest tour did was get me REALLY excited for the Northeast tour in October. If the shows were all pretty good on this jaunt, in cities where I basically knew noone, I expect that they will be 100x better in Boston, NY, Syracuse and Ithaca. After all, I'll be screening in the city where I was born AND the city where punk rock was born. I can't wait.

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