Friday, October 21, 2005

10.21.05: Northeast Tour: Ithaca really is “Gorges.”

Central New York is so beautiful. The fact that I took it for granted when I lived here was confirmed, as I glimpsed out of the soon-to-be-landing airplane window onto what looked like a model train set. The multi-colored train cars bisected huge, green, silo-dotted expanses that were offset by blazing red and yellow patches of autumn trees. It was stunning.

After hitting the ground, my dad drove us to the Ithaca screening along some back roads, so that I could see more of the gorgeous fall foliage that I so miss living in seasonless San Francisco. I could practically smell the wood fires burning and hear the fallen leaves crunching as we approached the Cornell Cinema. The pleasant drive was only topped by the extremely warm reception that we were given upon arriving, by Mary and Chris from the venue.

I highly recommend the Cornell Cinema as a destination for any touring filmmaker. The staff was not only as nice as could be, but they did great publicity for the show and treated me with the utmost professional respect. Plus, they run a fabulous, eclectic program that I was honored to be a part of. If you’ve been reading this blog, you know that I have screened at a lot of venues now. I’ve run into things like missing audio cables, inaccurate publicity, dim projector bulbs, and all sorts of mishaps, so it made tonight’s screening stand out all that much more.

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