Tuesday, June 10, 2003

06.11.03...Settling In...Sweat-ling In
Boy, it's pretty hot here!
Haifa was great--I was really spoiled having Ari there to help out. We did an interview with Ishay and Guy at Guy's work. Those two are so personable and such characters. It was a really good affirmation of my being here. Also, of course, they had some intersting things to say and they are pretty articulate. It's hard to imagine at this point what parts of the interview will end up being relevant to the movie but there were some good moments, for sure. One of the bis schisms in the punk scene here, as in other places, is between those bands who play highly charged political music and those who play more poppy stuff just for the music's sake. Useless I.D. falls into the latter category and they talked a bit about that--how their lives and situation here is so embroiled in politics that they want to get AWAY from that when they play--not delve into it further. I look forward to contrasting that with the more political punks when I get a chance to talk with them.

The guys were the most "on" of course when the camera was OFF--so lesson learned for me. I have to get them--and myself--used to having that thing on all the time!

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