Friday, June 20, 2003

06.20.03...Hot Time, Summer in the City
Late night Tel Aviv. Thursday night is the night to be out because the weekend here is Friday and Saturday, due to the Jewish Sabbath. I was wandering around the city last night after returning from Haifa. I was the antithesis of the "see and be seen" city folks, sipping on a pouch of chocolate milk as I passed by bars overflowing with well dressed, tan, gorgeous Israelis. There is something so comforting about that chocolatey beverage. It was great to be out alone, as I have so much on my mind from the week past. I am constantly puzzling about what the links are between the different interviews I've gotten and people I've met, and how this whole thing is going to pan out.

Today, I am headed to my first live show here. I am pretty nervous to go it alone, but it should be good. It's the last day of school here, and the concert is called,"School's Out, Let's Thrash!" Three of the bands on the show are having their debut performance, including Gutzy's band, and a band with Yotam's (from Useless I.D.) little brother! Should be a good opportunity to meet the youngn's.

My last day in Haifa was a fun one. Useless I.D. was shooting a music video for the song "The Worst Holiday I've Ever Had," and the concept is that Yotam is stuck on a horrible trip while the other three are having the time of their lives, playing sports and having fun with three pretty girls. The scenes shot yesterday were those with the girls, and it was definitely funny. The guys were wearing ridiculous outfits and just goofing around. It pretty much suits them. I took a lot of footage, particularly because it was the first time I have been with the band all together. Most of it was them speaking in Hebrew to each other or the director. It is, of course, their first language but...what the hell were they saying? I keep thinking that if I just listen long enough I'll start to understand what's going on. Hmmm, good thing people talk with their hands a lot here.

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