Tuesday, June 10, 2003

06.10.03...We're rolling
So I was a little worried when I called Ishay's (from Useless ID) cell phone yesterday and all I heard was "Awww, fuuuck." Turns out it's his ansewering machine, and there's a message from me going Ïshay? Ishay? Hello?" What a punk. It's all good though--Ari and Ishay and I are supposed to head to Haifa today for the first band interview. Ari is going to interview them for an article in the Jerusalem Post but he's going to ask many of the questions I prepared. Might as well kill two birds with 1 stone and it'll be nice to have some support there with me for the first shoot. Just hope the guys are comfortable enough to open up to him. Am excited about the article too!

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