Saturday, June 21, 2003

06.21.03...It's a Small World, Afterall
When I first arrived at the show yesterday, I was tempted to hide in the corner and try to disappear. There were a bunch of kids hanging out outside the show, and I didn't recognize anyone, and here I was with this camera, looking like Ms. CNN. It's such a small scene, though, that within a very short time, many of the people I've met so far showed up. There was Doh-Doh, the skateboarder from Be'er Sheva; Peleg and Alma, the girl hardcore rockers; Tom and Dennis, the Russian punks from Smash4$ offering me to drink some of their 'wodka', and of course Gutzy. My movie is actually starting to have "characters," and I am getting quite attached to them already.

It was an all-ages show and I got such a rush of memories seeing all the young kids there. The Lost Horizon in Syracuse saw me looking a little like that, coming to shows of my friend's bands a good 10 years ago (Has it really been that long?!). The show as put on by this kid called Baker, and it was his first time doing it. It was held at a Boy Scout's Club and the club was apparently reluctant to let them do the show there. The most precious moment of the evening was when one of the preppy Boy Scout types came to talk to Baker about the noise level, etc, and after he left Baker confessed to me,"He was pretty cool. I always thought he didn't like me." Awwww! The punk rocker's moment of acceptance. Of course, the camera was off. Damn!

Baker's bubble was burst by the end of the evening, however, as the electricity was cut off during the last band. Guess the punks overstayed their welcome in the neighborhood. More about the show to another one now!

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