Friday, June 27, 2003

06.27.03...Been Caught Slackin'
Oy vey, behind on the blog again. I have actually taken a couple nights off from working, for events like Guy from Useless I.D.'s wedding!

Don't even have time to write now, as am off to interview Chaos Rabak, the "street punk" band I mentioned earlier. It should be great. Meanwhile, I'll leave you with my exciting news:

An article was written in Ha'aretz, the "New York Times of Israel", about the punk scene here, and I was mentioned! Avital helped me translate and it went something like this:

"Liz Nord, punk scene activist from San Francisco, is trying to document the growing trend. She is convinced that a movie about Israeli punk will interest international festivals for documentary movies."

Here only 2 weeks and I'm already in the paper! Not bad, eh?

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