Friday, June 13, 2003

06.13.03...I'm so not Israeli
It's funny because in some ways I feel so immediately comfortable here. After all, as Ari said, these are my people. In other places I've travelled I've felt like a real foreigner, where I had to really watch my step so as not to make an ass out of myself. But here, I feel like I already know these people--I already fit in here. Part of that comes, of course, from my "imagined Israel"--the Holy Land I learned about in Hebrew school, but part of it is reality. EXCEPT--that I am so frustrated already at my own inability to match the assertiveness of the people I am trying to work with. I mean, people keep putting up roadbloacks to me and the project. They want to help, but on their terms. Everyone has an idea of what they want this movie to be, and it's like hey wait a minute--isn't this MY project?! But, of course, if they don't want me to film something then I can't get the footage. Avital says I am going about it in the wrong way...I am asking "Can I meet up with you with my camera?" instead of saying "Where are you? I'm coming to meet you with my camera." I am frustrated with them for not being more open and cooperative, and frustrated with myself for not being more agressive. Guess I'm just not Israeli enough...yet.

Anyway, that being said, I have gotten some interesting footage so far. Interviewing Gutzy was pretty cool. I was very surprised that he was only 18. He is a more "veteran" punk and so well connected in the scene, that I expected him to be older. Ishay said that a lot of kids get out of bands and stuff once they turn 18 and go to the army, so it will be interesting to see what happens to some of these kids who are so dedicated to the scene now. Gutzy is right on the verge of his army service and it is obviously something on his mind. He started to discuss his mixed feelings about it, how he doesn't support global armies in general but the situation in Israel is complicated--but then he wanted to change the topic. Hope to get him to talk more about it later.

The best part of the evening was meeting two of his girlfriends--Peleg and Alma--who are in an all-girl political hardcore band. I was supposed to go to their band practice today but they didn't call back. I wonder if it is because they practice at the Mapah (the place that didn't want to let me in). Hmmmmm. I hope to see them and talk to them some more because they were very personable and it's always good to showcase girls in the we'll see.

Shabbat Shalom.

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